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updated:   January 2020

A devoted Linux enthusiast, I enjoy playing with shell scripts as well as all the other usual systems and networking stuff.

As diverse as they are, my favourite pastimes are hiking the local trails and rivers, ocean kayaking, off roading in my Jeep and writing BASH Shell Scripts to do anything I can dream up. You can see some of my projects on My Linux Site

  • buttle kayak
    Buttle Lake
  • ladyfalls strange tree
    strange tree
  • ladyfalls -falls1
    Lady Falls
  • mushroom
  • crest mountain view
    from Crest Peak
  • too close
    too close!
  • ladyfalls life cycle
    cycle of life
  • thistle
  • trees
  • muchalat kayak
    Muchalat Lake
  • eagle through tree
    eagle through tree
  • ladyfalls plant
    sunny branch
  • fungus
  • ladyfalls river
    above Lady Falls

After about six years in the crazy Vancouver/Lower Mainland it became clear that was not where I wanted to live my life. In November 2011 I moved to Gold River on northern Vancouver Island and am now taking some time to enjoy life with all the amazing hiking and kayaking this area has to offer.

Originally from Hamilton Ontario, I hitchhiked to the coast back in '82. Between here and there, I lived right downtown Vancouver for a few years then out to Coquitlam for about 3 as well. This was after spending about 23 years on southern Vancouver Island (Victoria & Sooke mostly) Moving to Vancouver from Sooke was a shock and did take some adjusting, and then from that crazyness to Gold River was just as big a change but so much easier to accept.

China on a plant China in bag

June 9, 1996 - August 29, 2012

Tiger in bag Tiger on counter

June 9, 1996 - November 12, 2013

kittens on couch

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