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Pete Nesbitt

Interests and Activities
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      Pete Nesbitt
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updated:   January 2020

Things of Interest
Past and Present

  • Jeeps and Off Roading
    • It had been a few decades but I finally got back into off roading. It's a blast to test your skills and your wits while startegicly manouvering over rocks and through rough terrain.
    • Plus with a Jeep there is always something to change, modify or just fiddle with. They really are like giant Meccano sets!

  • Kayaking & Hiking

  • Shell Scripting and other hacking about, of course!

  • HiFi Audio
    • There is something therapeutic about letting quality music envelop the senses, it's meditation with a punch.
      I try to find at least a couple distraction free hours every few days to completely immerse myself in the sound.

    • As I learn more about the technology behind different types of audio equipment I have had some thoughts of building something myself     ...although I have not spent much time with a soldering gun  

  • Todd Rundgren
    • Todd is a uniquely gifted musician, lyrical genius, brilliant producer and both musical and social visionary. His music, always changing and evolving, is hard to describe other than it is never the same but is always Todd. Wrapped in amazing music, often hidden within clever satirical or humorous lyrics, many of his songs hold clear messages of social values, global issues and the need for change.

    • New to Todd?
    • A snippet from a Jim Steinman interview discussing the making of Bat Out of Hell:
      "Watching Todd Rundgren create background vocals has got to be one of the most thrilling experiences you can ever have in music. It's as exciting as if you got to watch Mozart compose. He did complex melodies that intertwined with counterpoints. Everyone was terrified to admit they couldn't, they didn't have a clue what to sing. I think he made it that complicated for perverse fun."

  • Kung Fu Club
    Wong Sheung Hung Fut Kung Fu Club
    Victoria, B.C., Canada
    • Hung Fut Kung Fu was created nearly 400 years ago at the Southern Shaolin Monastery in Fujian Province, China
      Learn more...

    • This club was my second home for many years. I still like to visit when time allows during a Victoria trip.

    • A couple old video's of me (on youtube):